England Acres Park Phase 2 - Still Under Construction

Update 09/27/2023
We are so excited that England Acres Park Phase 2 is almost complete! Sod is being laid this week, so we are closing all of Phase 2 of the Park, including: the new pavilion, new playground, grass areas, dog park, parking lot, and trail until October 4th. We expect to re-open on October 5th. We appreciate your cooperation while work is complete and the sod has time to get established. We can't wait until you can enjoy this new part of the park with us again! Thank you!

Park Photo

Please note that Phase 2 of England Acres Park is still under construction. There may be sections in that area of the park that may be closed during construction hours. Construction hours may vary. Please be courteous to the contractors who are there working and obey their instruction - they are trying to keep you safe. Thank you!