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Communities That Care

Stacy Smart
Communities That Care Supervisor

90 North Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074

Phone: 435.843.2188

#Take Pride Tooele Cleanup Trailer

Neighborhood Cleanup Trailer Neighborhood Cleanup Trailer

The #Take Pride Tooele Cleanup Trailer is available for loan to Tooele City Community residents and community groups free of charge (minimum of 5 households or a group with ten or more volunteers). The trailer is stocked with tools to help residents clean up their neighborhoods by removing debris, pick up litter, chop weeds down, clean gutters and overgrown areas or plant flowers.


The trailer is available on a first come, first serve basis. Click on the link below to reserve the trailer for your neighborhood clean up.  The trailer will be delivered to your area by a Tooele City employee and picked up at the designated time.


Contact for more information and for reservations.


The #TakePrideTooele began in 2018 under the direction of Mayor Debbie Winn.  It is a program to provide opportunities and information to residents in an effort to keep our City a beautiful place to live, work, learn and play.


The Neighborhood Cleanup Trailer was made possible in 2021 through the Utah Department of Human Services SOR Grant to strengthen Tooele City neighborhoods and to provide the tools for neighbors to help make Tooele City a beautiful place to live, work, and play.  The program fosters community building by facilitating neighborhood-level engagement and empowering residents with opportunities to connect and to serve.


Reserve the Clean Up Trailer for your neighborhood today!

Participation Requirements
  • Trailer and equipment may only be used in Tooele City.
  • Project must have a designated coordinator who is 18 years old or older and the keys must be picked up by coordinator during business hours.
  • Complete and submit Cleanup Trailer Application/Waiver 10 days prior to event.
  • Minimum of 5 households involved in the project or a group of 10 or more volunteers.
  • Power Tools may only be used by participants 18 years and older and they must read and sign the waiver form before using.
  • Trailer is not for commercial use.
Trailer Equipment List

The Tooele City Neighborhood Cleanup Trailer has everything that your group needs to keep Tooele City clean and beautiful.  The trailer is equipped with:

Garbage BagsSharps ContainersEar PlugsDisposable GlovesDisposable masksSafety Glasses


Safety ConesSafety VestVolunteers at Work SignsFolding Table


Push BroomsLitter PickersWeeding HoesLong Handled LoppersPruning shearsMetal RakesLeaf RakesStandard ShovelsScoop ShovelsSquare ShovelsWheelbarrow


*Battery Powered Leaf Blowers*Battery Powered Weed Trimmers


*to be used by those who are at least 18 years old

Coordinator Responsibilites
  • Request the use of the trailer at least 10 days before the proposed cleanup event.
  • Ensure that participants using the power tools are at least 18 years old and have signed the waiver form before using tools.
  • Pick up keys to the trailer during business hours at Tooele City Hall.
  • Meet the driver who will be delivering the trailer.
  • Take an inventory of the equipment upon arrival and return of the trailer.
  • Properly secure trailer and its contents.
  • Ensure trailer is free of trash and debris upon return.
  • Ensure a proper parking location for the trailer in the project area. Complete the Cleanup Report Summary at the completion of your project.
  • Have participants wear the provided safety vests and that they understand safety rules.
  • Find volunteers by encouraging your friends, family and neighbors to join your cleanup event. Choose your location, set the date, and then promote!
  • Share photos of your event.
  • Distribute supplies to and retrieve supplies from participants and ensure all equipment is operated safely.
  • We want to hear from you. Be sure to fill out the cleanup Report Summary.
  • Return keys to City Hall during business hours.
Project Ideas
  • Helping neighbors that could use a helping hand.
  • Cleaning up the gutters and sidewalks in your neighborhood.
  • Cleaning up alley ways and other common areas.
  • Organizing a neighborhood cleanup event so neighbors can help each other out.
  • Cleaning up the backside of double frontages in your neighborhoods.
  • Coordinating with Tooele City to cleanup in parks, detention basins, and other City owned property.
How to Get Started

If you love the idea of borrowing the Neighborhood Cleanup Trailer for a neighborhood Cleanup or beautification effort and don’t know where to start, here is a guide to planning your cleanup.

Planning Your Cleanup Event

  • Talk to your neighbors by going door to door or calling a neighborhood meeting. Distribute information through email. Does the neighborhood landscaping need a little pick-me-up?  Is there a vacant lot that needs to be cleaned up?  Could the alley use a good cleaning?  Is there double frontage lots in your neighborhood?  What about helping the neighbors that could use a helping hand?
  • Pick a date and time for the event that fits in with the schedule of as many neighbors as possible. Remember that there must be a minimum of five households or at least ten volunteers involved in the project.
  • Be sure to designate a coordinator.
  • Involve local churches or businesses, if you have any in your neighborhood.
  • Make sure you plan to have water available for the participants. Some groups follow up the cleanup event with a neighborhood celebration. 
  • Make sure you recommend your participants dress for the weather. Wear boots or sturdy shoes, not sandals.  Bring work gloves.  Use sunscreen and if needed, insect repellent.
  • Have a work plan and a safety plan ready before you begin. What needs to be done?  How many people are needed for each task?  What tools will they needs?  Where is the nearest medical facility if needed?  Have emergency telephone numbers available with a cell phone.
  • Have a plan to dispose of your waste. If you need additional garbage cans please notify Tooele City when you request the trailer.
  • Have a parking area where participants who are driving in for the event can park.
  • Take before and after pictures and send them to
Cleanup Event Tips
  • Always use good judgment and be safe. Take time at the beginning of the event to go over safety information.  Watch out for all your participants. 
  • If something looks suspicious or dangerous, call dispatch at 435-882-5600. Do not pick up or touch any suspicious or dangerous items.
  • Be sure to let us know the success of your event and note how much of a difference your efforts made. Take pride in what you have accomplished!
  • Volunteers should not enter private property without permission to pick up items for disposal.
Safety Tips
  • Visit the cleanup location before your cleanup date to look for possible hazards.
  • Arrange for adult supervision if you have youth volunteers.
  • Make sure volunteers are safe during the event.
  • Make sure that all volunteers know that you are the coordinator so that they can find you easily in an emergency.
  • Have volunteers work in pairs or small groups.
  • Encourage all volunteers wear work gloves and closed toe shoes.
  • Have young volunteers ask an adult to first if they are unsure about picking up a piece of litter.
  • Remind volunteers to wash hands before eating and at the end of the day.
  • Make sure all volunteers drink water and keep hydrated.
  • Suspend the cleanup during bad weather (fog, thunder, and lightening).
Hazardous Items
Disposing of Litter