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2018 Recycle Calendar
ACE Recycling Flyer August 2018
Recycling Opt In Letter September 2018_updated

Tooele City began a Curbside Recycling Program in February of 2017.  Residents who have a utility account with Tooele City can opt-in to the program at any time.

When opted-in, residents are delivered a blue recycling receptacle which allows for plastics, metal, paper products and cardboard to be recycled.  Updated September 2018:  These items must be free of foods and liquids prior to placing them in the recycling receptacle. Green waste and glass will not be recycled. Recently there have been some changes in recycling policies. As you may have read, China’s recent import policies are affecting what we can put in our blue recycling bins. Here in Utah, recyclers are being much more particular about what materials they take, and we all need to work together to recycle better. Most importantly, we cannot accept food waste or plastic bags! When your recycling is picked up, it is taken to a sorting facility and any sort of stretchy plastic jams up their machinery. If you use a plastic liner in your home’s recycling bin, please dump the contents into the recycling bin and then put the plastic bag into the trash. Food, yard waste, Styrofoam and glass are a big problem and cannot go into the recycling bins! 

Please help us keep our recycling program clean and affordable! If any contaminated items are placed in a recycling bin, it could contaminate the entire truck load of recycling materials and that load would have to be taken to a landfill. If you have any further questions, you may contact customer service at ACE Disposal at (801) 363-9995 or visit

For more information or to opt-in visit our Curbside Recycling Program.  You may also opt-in over the phone by calling the Tooele City Finance Department at 435.843.2150.

If you are already participating in this program, you do not need to renew your opt-in.  Thank you!



Please note:  The recycling bin that was in the gravel lot behind City Hall has been permanently removed.