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Tooele City Corporation

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Recycling Tip #6
Don’t forget to toss your empty egg cartons in your recycling bin! But remember, Styrofoam egg containers, and Styrofoam in any form, is not recyclable. Questions? Contact Ace Disposal at 801-363-9995 or

Common questions regarding mixed materials:

1. Why can’t you take Styrofoam? It has the recycle symbol with a number on it!

The recycling symbol on items does not mean that the item is recyclable! The recycling symbol is in the public domain; therefore, anyone can use it. When you see the chasing arrows with a number on plastic items, it is just telling you the type of plastic it is. And unfortunately, it is not recyclable.

Packing Styrofoam (but not packing peanuts) can be dropped off to be recycled at the following places: Recycle Utah in Park City, Marko Foam in Salt Lake City, and ACH Foam Technologies in Murray.

 2. Can I recycle the plastic egg containers?

No! The only acceptable plastics are in the form of bottles and jugs.


Recycling Tip #5
Did you know? When you try to recycle mixed materials such as cardboard inside plastic wrap or a newspaper still in its bag, it will end up at the landfill? Please remove the cardboard/newspaper from its plastic film—recycle the cardboard/newspaper and toss the plastic film! Questions? Contact Ace Disposal at 801-363-9995 or

Common Questions Regarding Mixed Materials

Recycling Tip #1
Did you know bagged recyclables will end up at the landfill?!? Let’s keep stretchy plastic out of our recycling bins!

Why Can’t I Recycle My Plastic Bags?

Recycling Tip #2
Did you know you should clean out your recyclables? Food waste in the recycling will make cardboard and paper decompose faster. Don’t rot the recycling!

Recycling Tip #3
When it comes to recycling plastics, only empty plastic bottles and jugs belong in your recycling bins! When you encounter a plastic item you are not sure is recyclable, ask yourself, “Is it bottle or a jug?” If the answer is no, throw it out! Help us stop “wish-cycling!”

Recycling Tip #4 
Metals can be recycled indefinitely—but did you know that only beverage and food cans can go in your recycling bin at home? For all other metal items, check if you can drop them off at your local scrap metal recycler! Questions? Contact Ace Disposal at 801-363-9995 or

Common Questions Regarding Metals Cans

Recycling has been in the news a lot lately, especially when it comes to the foreign markets. Some people may post things about recycling being not valuable/a waste of time. Metals are still valuable, more valuable than anything else that can go in the recycling bin (papers, cardboard, plastic)!

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