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Miss Tooele City Program

Kami Perkins

90 North Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074

Phone: 435.843.2105
Fax: 435.843.2106

Miss Tooele City Home Page2017 Miss Tooele City – Kat Hawley

On June 29, 2017 Kat Hawley was crowned Miss Tooele City.


Kat’s Biography


Kat Hawley

About Kat:
Kat was born on January 7,1998 to Jeff and Evelyn Hawley in Corvallis, Oregon, just in time to crash her brother’s fifth birthday party. Her family then promptly moved to Tooele, Utah where Kat enjoyed the remainder of her childhood and teenage years. Music, art, and theatre have been a driving force in her life, leading up to her senior year of high school where she  was honored as Vocal Performing Sterling Scholar.

Currently,at the ripe age of 19, Kat is attending Utah Valley University for Art and Theatre Education. She aspires to become a traveling actress and director for Missoula Children’s Theatre giving her the opportunity to share her passion for art and performance to children throughout the US and around the world. Since she was little, she has dreamed of traveling. She is most excited to go to Italy, naturally, to experience the culture and history and art,but mostly because she hears the food is unparalleled. Food is very important to Kat. Service has also been an increasingly important element of her life as she strives to give back to her community. She has enjoyed tutoring students at Overlake Elementary School, working with the seniors at Rocky Mountain Care Center, acting as a member of the UVU Student Association Fine Arts Committee, and volunteering at the Utah Valley Crisis Line. Her extroverted nature has lead her to develop a great passion for people and stories, and to always strive to learn about and love those around her. As difficult and scary as life can sometimes be, she doesn’t do things in halves. She devotes her all to every endeavor and encourages others to do the same.

Why I Want to Be Miss Tooele City by Kat:  “I want to be Miss Tooele City because I want to be a representative and ambassador of hope in our community. In my experience, children and teens are being engulfed by a growing wave of apathy; it isn’t cool to care any more. They are constantly bombarded with negativity. They are told that they aren’t worth it, that they aren’t good enough, or that their passions are irrelevant. To care deeply is to be vulnerable, so it is easier to adopt this air of apathy. Well, I want to change that. Caring is cool. It is so much more than cool; it is incredible. We should care so deeply it hurts, be so passionate we can hardly bear it. These passionate, caring people are the ones who change the world. Every child has this potential, and deserves to be supported and taught that they can make a difference and love what they do. I’ve done everything in my power to live my life as a representative of hard work and passion.

Despite trials including physical and mental health, finances, missed opportunities, and personal failures, I refuse to allow this new fad of apathy overtake me. I’ve had many diverse experiences, and met a lot of different kinds of people. I am someone youth can relate with and look up to. I continually strive to support them in reaching their full potential. I have had many opportunities for leadership and working with youth, including club management, team presidencies, and directing shows. I simply love helping youth and peers perform to the best of their abilities, not only on stage, but in their own lives and personal endeavors. Being presented with this title would put me in a position to further my message to the youth of our community. It would be an honor and a joy to serve as Miss Tooele City.”

About her talent by Kat: “I have been singing constantly for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of when I was little of waking myself up by singing the alphabet in my sleep. Music is the way I tell my story and I have taken great effort over the course of my life to develop my singing voice. I plan to do so for as long as these vocal chords of mine will work. For the Pageant, I chose to preform this particular song — “People” from Broadway’s FUNNY GIRL–for two main reasons. First of all, I feel that it perfectly complements the theme of the pageant, “We the People.” Secondly, this song has come to mean great deal to me. Moving out comes with a lot of loneliness and I have recently felt a lot of shame for how much support and connection I have been craving from those around me. Then, a couple months ago, I listened to this song and it really hit me that it is okay to need people; it is okay to look for support from those around us. We are all trying to get through this life together and we could all really use the company. Nobody should feel ashamed for needing people, for needing to be loved. I hope this song touches someone who needs this reminder, for I certainly did and I am happy to spread this message.”


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