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Fall is a perfect time to start thinking about getting your yard and trees ready for winter.  Not sure how to dispose of some of those larger items that won’t fit in your normal garbage can?  Check out our Bulky Waste Program below.

We hope you will take the opportunity this Fall to reserve the #TakePrideTooele Neighborhood Cleanup Trailer for a clean up project in your neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to serve!  Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to help organize a cleanup project.  You can reserve the neighborhood cleanup trailer stocked with hand tools, weed eaters, blowers and other supplies to help with your project!

Residents play a critical role in beautifying our community!  Thank you for your help keeping Tooele City beautiful!

Tree Maintenance

While trees and vegetation contribute to the beauty of our neighborhoods and community, they may also create unintended obstacles and hazards when not maintained properly. Trees that hang over the street or over the sidewalk can create nuisances and in same cases hazards. Please maintain the trees on your property, particularly the trees in the park strips, to make sure your trees are not creating some of these obstacles:

  • Obstructed snowplow, garbage truck & large vehicle clearance;
  • Blocked Mailboxes;
  • Blocked Sidewalks;
  • Blocked streetlights, markers and signs.

Thank you for your help!

Bulky Waste

Tooele City provides a bulky waste pickup program. The pick up day is once a month for those items which do not normally fit into your trash container. This service is provided at no additional cost to Tooele City residents and will go a long way in cleaning up our city and keeping it clean. The guidelines for pickup are as follows:


Bulky waste will be picked up from the curb in front of each home one day each month, that day being in conjunction with your normal pickup day. The pickup schedule is:

Bulk Waste Pickup Schedule



□    Set your bulky waste items out on your curb by 7:00 a.m. the day of your bulky waste pickup (Please do not put items on the curb more than 24 hours in advance).  You do not need to schedule your pickup.  If your items are on the curb on your Bulky Waste Pickup Day ACE Disposal will pick them up.

□    Bulky Waste MUST be bagged, boxed or bundled (with rope or twine).

□    Bulky Waste MUST be cut to less than 5 feet.

□    Bulky Waste cannot exceed 75 lbs.

□    Ensure that you do not have unacceptable Bulky Waste materials such as tires, rocks, dirt, sod, oils, paints, construction debris, or hazardous  materials.

This is not an all inclusive list.  You can follow this link for more information // or contact ACE Disposal at 435-882-7009.