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Organizers and Coaches,

As many of you are aware the Dow James Building has become a very busy facility. We want to make sure that we are getting as many users into the facility as we can. This includes sports teams, clubs, community events, and individual family events. Each of these groups provide and amazing program to youth and our community. It is through the cooperation of all participants that we will all be able to accomplish our individual needs for the Dow James Facility.

We are pleased to announce that as of March 1, 2021 all sport league block reservations for the Dow James will be online at // You can also reach the reservation site through, select Parks & Recreation department. In the “Quick Links Menu” select “Online Registrations & Reservations”, select Reserve a Park or Facility, then select Dow James Building. At receipt of this email would be a great time to make sure that you have your login and password for our online reservation and registration. Login to your account before you select your day of week and time slot. We are only using the first week days of September to create block scheduling, starting with Wednesday (9/1), Thursday (9/2), Friday (9/3), Saturday (9/4), Monday (9/6) and Tuesday (9/7).

We hope that you will have patience as we implement this new process. We have included some instructions for you to select your day and time. We will be able to offer up to 32 one-hour spots per week, for the many different sports teams that need to use the facility. All spots will be scheduled on the hour. You may begin reservation for sports block contracts for October-December beginning on September 1, 2021 at 6:00 AM (system date/time stamps each request)

1. CONTRACT: We will need your roster and liability insurance certificate emailed to You may send documents to us before September 1st. We do need to have documents completed and sent to us before we can finalize your reservation. We will only hold your spot until September 5th at which time the spot you had selected will be reposted for reservation.

2. CONFLICTS: Block reservation is not a guarantee that you will get every “Monday” of those months, a resident might already have an event, family party scheduled on one of the block weekday that you selected.

3. EQUITABLE USE: During this time of COVID, request to use the Dow James building has increased. Due to the many organizations that need a place to practice and meet, we are only allowing one, one-hour spot per week per team. We have added some additional week day spots, there are four on Monday through Thursday, nine spots on Friday and Saturday. In an attempt to make sure the general public can still reserve the building for birthday parties and other family/community events we are asking that you do not reserve Friday 5:00 PM– 10:00 PM and Saturday 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

4. WHO: Only the head coach of each team is allowed to make the reservation, please do not have assistant coaches or a parent of the team members make a reservation for the team. This will help us in making sure each of the teams get a time to practice. Duplicate reservation will result in all of the team’s reservations being canceled.

5. SCHEDULING: When you make your one, one-hour selection, you will ONLY use the first week of September, Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Monday 6th, and Tuesday 7th, select the one one-hour time slot on the day of the week that you want. Staff will then approve the block reservation for the rest of October, November, and December. In the event that another individual has already reserved one of those weekdays in your block, we will notify you of which date that is. Please follow the calendar that is emailed to you when you receive your completed contract back via email. If your use of the facility is completed before December 30th please return your key and inform staff that you no longer need the facility, there by freeing up your reserved time for other community members.

6. PAYMENT: Cost is a $50.00 deposit + $5.00 per participant. The system is set up for a minimum of 5 participants. You will then need to enter your total participants by using the “Sports Team ONLY” drop down menu to select the number of players on your roster. We will verify this with your email submitted roster and make sure that you are charged correctly. You will be required to enter your payment at the time of reservation. Payment will not process until we approve your block request. When your block request is approved you will receive an email with your receipt. We will also send you a copy of the transaction when we email you your completed contract.

Thank you,
Tooele City Parks and Recreation