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Communities that Care

Stacy Smart
Director/Community Coordinator
Family Program Coordinator
(Guiding Good Choices)
Phone: 435.843.2185

Sandy Medina
School Program Coordinator
(Lions-Quest & Life Skills Training)
Phone: 435.843.2187

90 North Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074


Want to Change the World?

Then SOaR Into Action!

Tooele’s adult-to-kid connection

As the young people in our community grow to adulthood they will become our neighbors, our co-workers, the plumbers, the politicians and the teachers of our grandchildren. They’ll pay our Social Security benefits and stand next to us in the voting booth. They may even be our sons- or daughters-in-law.

The positive interactions children have with adults today will result in them becoming respectful and responsible citizens tomorrow. Bonding is the key to that success! Studies show that even children in tough surroundings can grow up and have success if they are bonded to a caring, responsible adult who has healthy beliefs and clear standards for behavior. Children feeling bonded to a caring and responsible adult will help protect them from the unhealthy risk factors that many children face every day in their own homes, at school, with their friends, and in the community at large.

How do we form that type of a bond? SOaR breaks it down into three easy steps: teaching Skills, providing Opportunities, and giving Recognition.

First, we need to provide opportunities that are age appropriate. Young people need to be involved with and contribute to their families, schools and communities in meaningful ways. Next, we need to provide skills; when we give children opportunities, we also need to make sure they have the skills necessary to be successful. Finally, we have to give recognition for their effort, progress, and accomplishments they have made with the opportunities and the skills we have given them, this is when the bonding process will really take flight.

Communities That Care along with our Mayor, Patrick Dunlavy, has a program called Mayor’s Community Youth Recognition Awards.  Students are nominated throughout the community and are recognized, honored and rewarded during Toole City Council Meetings twice a month and their picture is also posted in the local newspaper.  Young people are recognized for a job well done whether it is grand or small.  We believe in letting the youth in our community know that we are paying attention and we care about their activities and the great work they’re doing.  Our Police Chief, Ron Kirby, also helps with the recognition and is an advocate for the great young people in our schools and neighborhoods.

We all have busy schedules with a lot of commitments and the thought of “Changing the World” might seem like it’s too big of a responsibility, but if all of us help to make our community a place where opportunities, skills and recognition are provided, we really are helping to change the world – we’re just doing it one young person at a time! It doesn’t require huge amounts of money, effort or time – it just requires all of us making that little difference every day!

To learn more about how you can implement SOaR in your own home call Heidi @ 435.843.2188 or Stacy @ 435.843.2185 to register for a Guiding Good Choices™ workshop.


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