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Title 8. Chapter 6. Building Sewers, Connections, and Repairs

8-6-1. Conformance to Utah Plumbing Code required.

All building sewers, connections, and repairs shall conform to the Utah Plumbing Code as adopted. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-2. Application for permit.

Application for permits for sewer connections must be made on an application blank furnished by the POTW. Any permit issued shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the POTW. The Permit may be, in the City’s discretion, the building permit. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-3. Permit not to issue until sewer assessment is paid.

(1) No permit for a sewer connection shall be issued until the City has been paid any required assessment or surcharge in addition to other applicable fees.

(2) The City Engineer shall maintain a record of the payment of the assessments and fees, together with survey plats indicating the real property within the POTW for which the sewer connection assessments and fees have been paid, and these records shall be open to public inspection during regular hours of the POTW as allowed by law. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-4. Assessment to be in addition to fees.

The payment of any of the assessments or surcharges required by the POTW shall not relieve the owner of the payment of other fees required herein. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-5. Separate connections required.

Each separate building or premise shall have a separate connection to the POTW sewer. Each owner will bear and pay for the maintenance and repair of this building or lateral sewer. The Public Works Director has the discretion, but not the obligation, to permit shared laterals upon a finding of extraordinary or unusual circumstances and upon a showing by the building owners that doing so will not adversely affect the public health or the interests of any other property owner.

(Ord. 2022-23, 07-20-2022) (Ord. 2015-17, 06-03-2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-6. Old building sewers.

Old building sewers may be used in connection with new buildings only when they are found, on examination and test by the POTW, to meet all requirements herein; otherwise, a new building sewer shall be installed and the old building sewers shall be plugged at the user’s expense upon discontinuance of service. The plug in the old building sewer must be approved and an inspection fee will be charged by the POTW. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-7. Building sewer elevation.

In all buildings where the elevation is too low to permit effective gravity flow to the POTW sewer, sanitary sewage discharge from such a building shall be lifted by a POTW approved means and discharged to the POTW sewer. Such equipment designed to lift the sanitary sewage to the POTW sewer shall be operated and maintained by the user. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-8. Connection to lateral stub.

Where a building or lateral sewer stub exists extending from a POTW sewer, connection thereto may be made by a Utah licensed and bonded contractor or plumber following application for and the granting of a connection permit. The owner or contractor requesting connection shall bear all expenses associated with such connection, including City inspections. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-9. Installation expenses.

All costs and expenses incidental to the installation and connection of the building or lateral sewer to the POTW sewer shall be borne by the user. The user shall retain or employ a licensed and bonded sewer contractor or plumber to install a building sewer. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-10. Failure to remedy defective work.

No further permit shall be issued to any person who has failed to remedy defective work to the satisfaction of the Public Works Director after such person has been notified in writing. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-11. Revocation of permit.

The Public Works Director may, at any time, revoke a building permit because of defective work which has not been corrected after written notice and within the time specified therein by the Public Works Director. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-12. Separation from other utilities..

All utility lines or conduits shall be separated from the building sewer as required by State and local law. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-13. Maintenance expense.

All building sewers, including the connection to the POTW sewer, shall be maintained by the property owner. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-14. Survey stakes not to be removed.

Survey stakes set for the sewer connection must not be disturbed, removed, or covered. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-15. Specifications for joint at point of connection to POTW sewer.

The connection of the “wye” onto the POTW sewer shall be entirely surrounded with a collar of a design specified by the POTW Construction Standards. Connection work shall be done only by the POTW. The trench shall not be backfilled until the building or lateral sewer line has been connected, tested, and approved by the POTW Inspector. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-16. Fee for replacing damaged junction pipe.

In case the junction pipe to the POTW sewer is broken off or damaged, it must be replaced. The installation of a new junction pipe will be made by the POTW or its designee upon payment of a fee to cover the cost of the work, unless the user, upon approval of the POTW, performs the work. The City may bill the user for unpaid amounts of this fee through the City utility bill. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)

8-6-17. Lapsing of permit.

All sewer connection permits shall lapse two years from the date of issuance unless prior thereto wastewater is put through the connection by the applicant. (Ord. 2015-17, June 3, 2015) (Ord. 1993-12, 09-20-1993)


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