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Title 7. Chapter 8. Mobile Home Parks

7-8-1. Purpose.

No manufactured home or trailer shall be placed on any tract or parcel of land within the limits of Tooele City other than in mobile home parks or recreational vehicle parks heretofore existing or established in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth herein, not to include, however, land used for parking or storage of a personal trailer not in use, and land used exclusively for the retail sale of manufactured homes.

(Ord. 2004-11, 09-15-04); (Ord. 83-05, 04-20-83)

7-8-1a. Definitions.

Words and phrases not defined in this Section shall have the meanings set forth in U.C.A. §58-56-3, if there defined, then in this Code, if defined, or then their commonly understood meanings.

(1) “HUD code” means the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act, 42U.S.C. Sec. 5401 et seq.

(2) “Manufactured home” means a transportable factory built housing unit constructed on or after June 15, 1976, according to the HUD Code, in one or more sections, which, in the traveling mode, is eight body feet or more in width or 40 body feet or more in length, or when erected on site, is 400 or more square feet, and which is built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems. Manufactured homes constructed on or after June 15, 1976, shall be identifiable by the manufacturer’s data plate bearing the date the unit was manufactured and a HUD label attached to the exterior of the home certifying the home was manufactured to HUD standards. “Manufactured home” includes in its meaning the term “mobile home” as used in other Titles and Chapters of this Code.

(3) “Mobile home” means a transportable factory built housing unit built prior to June 15, 1976, in accordance with a state mobile home code which existed prior to the HUD Code.

(4) “Mobile home park” and “mobile home subdivision” mean those land developments authorized by City approval to contain manufactured homes.

(Ord. 2004-11, 09-15-04)

7-8-2. Requirements for set-up of manufactured homes in mobile home parks and mobile home subdivisions within Tooele City.

(1) A building permit shall be required for the set- up of any manufactured home within a mobile home park. The permit fee shall be as established by resolution of the City Council.

(2) A building permit shall be required for the set- up of any manufactured home in a mobile home subdivision. The permit fee shall be as established by resolution of the City Council.

(3) Manufactured homes set up in Tooele City shall meet the standards of the Utah State Division of Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicles and carry the design approval label of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

(4) Manufactured homes in mobile home parks shall be set up to comply with the following:

(a) the home manufacturer’s written specifications; or,

(b) the American National Standard, Manufactured Home Instructions Guide (NCSBCS/ANSI A225.1).

(c) All manufactured homes shall be skirted in an approved manner.

(d) Stairs and landings serving manufactured homes shall conform to Section R311 of the International Residential Code.

(e) Electrical services shall meet the requirements of the current edition of the National Electrical Code, and the power company.

(f) Sewer and water connections shall meet the requirements of the International Plumbing Code and the Tooele City Sewer and Water Departments.

(g) Gas equipment and installations shall conform to requirements of the International Fuel Gas Code and the gas supplier.

(h) Alterations or additions to manufactured homes shall not be made except when a permit is first obtained from the Division of Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicles, Utah State Department of Business Regulation and a building permit obtained from the Tooele City Building Official.

(5) Manufactured homes in mobile home subdivisions shall be set up to comply with all of the foundation, site, and other requirements applicable to single-family dwellings.

(6) Notwithstanding other requirements of this chapter to the contrary, a mobile home located in a mobile home park in Tooele City may be relocated to an existing space in another mobile home park when the relocation is necessitated by the closing of the former mobile home park by its owner. A copy of a written contract or notice shall be sufficient evidence of closure to allow the relocation. A mobile home may not be relocated to a mobile home subdivision or building lot. A relocated mobile home shall comply with all of the permitting requirements of this Chapter and all applicable Codes.

(Ord. 2005-16, 06-15-2005); (Ord. 2004-11, 09-15-04);(Ord. 83-05, 04-20-83)

7-8-3. Mobile home parks.

No person shall set aside any tract or parcel of land within Tooele City designed for use as a mobile home park except in zones provided in this Title and upon compliance with the following provisions and conditions.

(1) Concept: The proposed development shall be submitted in accordance with Title 7, Chapter 19, of the Tooele City Code, and at a regularly convened meeting of the Planning Commission. The developer shall provide a map showing the proposed layout of the development including buildings, streets, lot lines, etc. The developer shall also provide floor plans, elevation views and architectural renderings of all proposed buildings and structures. The Planning Commission shall then grant or deny concept approval based upon the criteria set forth at Title 7, Chapter 19, of the Tooele City Code.

(2) Plat: A preliminary plat for each proposed mobile home park shall be prepared by a professional engineer or architect for approval pursuant to the following procedures and requirements:

(a) At least ten (10) business days prior to a Planning Commission meeting, the applicant shall submit to the Community Development Department a minimum of five (5) copies of a preliminary plat with appropriate attached exhibits for the proposed mobile home park or recreational vehicle park which shall contain the following information:

(i) Proposed boundary lines indicating bearings and distances for the park.

(b) The location, width, and purpose of all easements of the park, either existing or proposed. The names, right-of-way widths and locations of all streets proposed or existing, indicating the type, width and elevation of surfacing.

(c) The type, width, and elevation of proposed or existing walks, curbs, gutters, and culverts, and any legally established centerline elevations.

(d) The location and size of all sanitary sewer lines and water lines existing or proposed in the tract.

(e) Water courses, marshes, rock out- croppings, wooded areas, isolated preservable trees one (1) foot or more in caliper at one (1) foot above ground level, houses, barns, shacks, or other significant features existing upon the premises.

(f) Other conditions on adjacent ground, including approximate direction and gradient of ground slope, character and location of buildings, railroads, power lines, towers, and uses. If any adjacent ground is platted as a subdivision, indicate the subdivision name, recording data, approximate percent of build-up, typical lot size, and dwelling type.

(g) Lot lines, lot dimensions, lot numbers, and block numbers, if any.

(h) Sufficient information to show the direction of flow of surface drainage and the means of disposal.

(i) Sites, if any, to be reserved or dedicated for schools, parks, playgrounds, or other public uses.

(j) Sites, if any, for all service buildings and other accessory structures on the premises.

(k) Site data, including number of residential lots, typical lot size, acres in the park, proposed name of the park, location by section, township and range, name and address of the applicant, name and address of the planner or engineer, title, scale, northpoint, and date. The scale shall be one hundred (100) feet to the inch.

(l) The location of all fire hydrants, street lights, proposed shrubbery and trees, boundary fences or landscape screens, driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas.

(m) The protective covenants for the park, if any.

(n) A letter from each utility company involved in the park addressed to the Planning Commission upon letterhead of the utility company, stating that the preliminary plan has been reviewed and any comments regarding the utility service design and easements.

(o) An exact copy of a preliminary report of a title insurance company, a title insurance policy of an attorney’s opinion brought to date of the application, setting forth the names of all property owners of property included in the park as shown as the preliminary plat, as well as mortgages, judgments, liens, easements, contracts, and other clouds affecting title to the premises. The City may require all persons having an interest in the premises as disclosed by the report, policy, or opinion, to join in and approve of the park application.

(p) When a proposed street of the park will intersect a State or a County highway, or a railroad, written consent of the appropriate authority having jurisdiction over said highway or railroad shall be submitted.

(q) If the proposed park is being submitted to a federal agency for federally guaranteed loans, grants, or aid, copies of all application forms and addenda must be attached.

(3) Conditions for approval by Planning Commission: The minimum conditions required for final approval of all mobile home park plats are as follows:

(a) The minimum number of spaces to be completed and ready for occupancy during the first phase of development shall be ten (10).

(b) The intent of a mobile home park is for a long-term residential occupancy; therefore, no space shall be rented for a period of less than thirty (30) days, except in those portions of the park which are especially approved as a recreational vehicle area.

(c) Service buildings, including a park office building, automatic laundry and dry cleaning facilities, beauty shops, and barber shops may be permitted in the park, subject to the following:

(i) The buildings and their yard areas and parking areas shall not occupy over ten percent (10%) of the net area of the park.

(ii) The buildings shall be designed in keeping with the residential character of the district, and shall be so located and designed as to serve the needs of the persons residing within the park only.

(iii) There shall be no evidence of the nature of the commercial services offered, such as display windows or signs.

(iv) No advertising of any type shall be allowed outside the park premises.

(4) Off-street parking area shall be provided at the rate of at least two (2) vehicle spaces for each manufactured home lot.

(5) There shall be a completely landscaped buffer area of at least twenty-five (25) feet in width, completely surrounding the mobile home park and the park shall be fenced with a sightly fence as approved by the Planning Commission of at least five (5) feet in height.

(6) There shall be at least twenty (20) feet between manufactured homes, and at least fifteen (15) feet between an individual manufactured home and the common sidewalk, street and parking areas, or other common areas of the park. There shall be at least a ten(10) foot rear yard for each manufactured home on each lot on which an accessory building is to be allowed. No accessory building shall exceed eighty (80) square feet in area. Awnings are allowed on all four (4) sides of manufactured homes as an attachment to the side thereof, provided there is at least ten (10) feet from the awning to any manufactured home on an adjoining lot. Any enclosure of an awning area shall meet the building code requirements of the City.

(7) All mobile home parks shall be provided with safe and convenient vehicular access from abutting major public streets and access shall be designed to minimize congestion and allow free flow of traffic on such adjacent streets. The entrance road connecting the park with a public street shall have a minimum paved width of thirty-four (34) feet. Internal streets shall have a minimum paved width of twenty-four (24) feet; and if parallel parking is permitted on the streets, the minimum paved width shall be forty-four (44) feet. No parking shall be permitted on the access road to the public street.

(8) Concrete sidewalks shall be provided from all manufactured home sites to all parks, streets and common areas.

(9) A drainage system shall be provided to completely handle all surface drainage within the park in a manner approved by the City Engineer.

(10) The City may require mobile home parks to provide and maintain landscaped recreational areas of a minimum size of one-hundred (100) square feet per lot, space in such configuration as is deemed reasonable considering the nature and intended use of the park. There shall be no neon, illuminated flood-lighted or flashing or moving signs. All signs shall be kept to an absolute minimum, and no sign shall exceed nine (9) square feet in area.

(11) All other provisions of the City ordinances and building codes respecting the standards of construction and licensing of mobile home parks shall be complied with.

(12) Where a mobile home park has direct access to a major highway, the Planning Commission may approve the use of a portion of the park as a recreational vehicle park, provided the requirements of the recreational vehicle park chapter of this Title are met. The Planning Commission shall have authority to approve site plan development of all mobile home parks and recreational parks and may impose any additional conditions, including increasing the above standards and requiring the approval of operating and management standards which are found by the Commission to be necessary to insure the proper development of the park in accordance with the area wherein it is proposed to be located.

(13) Repealed. (Ord. 93-04, 05-04-93)

(14) Repealed. (Ord. 93-04, 05-04-93)

(15) Approval by Planning Commission: Approval may be granted the applicant by the Planning Commission if the Commission has found that the proposed development is in keeping with the character of the district within which it is located and will not prevent the proper use of adjoining properties for the purpose which is contemplated by the existing zoning classification, nor will its establishment change the character of the area in which it is proposed to be located by reason of increased congestion, increased density, increased traffic, etc.

(a) The applicant shall be present at the Planning Commission meeting at which the application is submitted for approval. All changes, amendments, and additions to the plat required by the Commission at the meeting, if any, shall be made by the applicant prior to the Commission’s approval of the plat.

(b) The applicant, upon completion of the above, within one (1) year of approval of the preliminary plat shall prepare a final plat to be submitted to the City Council for approval, which shall include all required changes, amendments or additions of the Planning Commission and which shall include all information indicated as required on the plat. Prior to submission to the City Council, the plat shall be submitted to the City Attorney for approval as to form and completing of all preliminary procedures.

(c) The plat shall be signed by each member of the Planning Commission and the City Council voting for the approval, and shall indicate thereon whether each said member voted for or against the approval. The plat shall likewise be signed by the Chief of Police, the Fire Chief, Community Development Director, Public Works Director, City Engineer, Health Officer, and City Attorney, indicating their approval of the plat. The signatures of all parties indicated herein, except the City Councilmen, shall be subscribed on the plat prior to the submission of the plat to the City Council for its final approval. In order for the plat to be approved by the Planning Commission and the City Council, at least a majority as defined by law of the members of each body in attendance at the meeting wherein the vote for or against approval was taken shall vote in favor of approval.

(16) Final approval by Tooele City Council: Upon receiving approval of the plat by the Planning Commission, the applicant shall submit the same to the City Council for its concurrence in approval. The applicant shall personally be present at the Council meeting where said plat is presented for final approval. Action must be taken by the Council within two (2) months after the meeting at which the final plat has been submitted for its approval. The Council may extend the two (2) month period upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its members. Upon approval, the plat shall be signed by each member of the Council voting for approval, and shall indicate thereon whether each said member voted for or against the approval. Any failure to act by the Council shall be deemed a denial of the said submission.

(17) (1) The subdivider shall deliver to the City the fully executed final plat within ninety (90) days of final plat approval. Failure to fully execute the final plat, or to deliver the fully executed final plat to the City, within the specified ninety (90) days, shall result in the automatic revocation of, and shall void, the final plat approval.

(2) Tooele City shall record all final plats with the Tooele County Recorder.

(Ord. 2004-11, 09-15-04); (Ord. 87-24, 01-02-88; Ord. 86-19, 11-11-86; Ord. 83-05, 04-20-83)


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