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Title 7. Chapter 4. Off-Street Parking Requirement

7-4-1. Off-street parking required.

(1) At least five percent (5%) of the total area used for parking and related activities shall be landscaped by planting new or preserving existing trees or shrubs.

(2) For the purpose of this Title, when the required number of off-street spaces results in a fractional space, fractions less than one-half (½) shall be disregarded. Fractions of one-half (½) or more shall be rounded up.

(Ord. 2011-17, 09-21-11) (Ord. 83-05, 04-20-83)

7-4-2. Access to individual parking space.

Except for single-family and two-family dwellings, access to each parking space shall be from a private driveway and not from a public street.

(Ord. 83-05, 04-20-83)

7-4-3. Number of parking spaces.

The number of off-street parking spaces required shall be as follows:

(1) Beauty Shop. Two (2) parking spaces for the first patron station and one (1) parking space for each additional patron station. Excluding wash stations.

(2) Business or professional offices. One (1) parking space for each 200 sq. ft. of floor area.

(3) Churches, sports arenas, auditoriums, theaters, assembly halls, meeting rooms, funeral homes, mortuaries, etc. One (1) parking space for each 3 seats of maximum seating capacity.

(4) Commercial Day-Care/Pre-School Center. One (1) space for every employee during regular business hours, plus four (4) visitor parking spaces with adequate drop off and pick up area as determined by the Director.

(5) Dwellings. Two (2) parking spaces for each dwelling unit, unless otherwise specified in Chapter 16 of this Title.

(6) Furniture and appliance stores. One (1) parking space for each 600 sq. ft. of floor area.

(7) Health Care Facility. One (1) parking space for each two (2) patient beds plus one (1) parking space for each employee during regular business hours.

(8) Health Care Provider. Three (3) parking spaces for each doctor, dentist, therapist, or other health care provider plus one (1) parking space for each employee during regular business hours.

(9) Hotels, motels, motor hotels. One (1) space for each living or sleeping unit, one (1) space for each employee, plus parking space for all accessory uses as herein specified.

(10) Nursing homes. One (1) parking space for each four (4) patient beds plus one (1) parking space for each employee during regular business hours.

(11) Personal Services. One (1) parking space for each 300 sq. ft. of gross floor area.

(12) Public or Private Educational Facility, Public Use. As approved by director recognizing the location and use proposed based on the nearest comparable use standards.

(13) Restaurants, taverns, private clubs, and all other similar dining and/or drinking establishments. One (1) parking space for each three (3) seats or one parking space for each 100 sq. ft. of floor area (excluding kitchen, storage, etc.), whichever is more.

(14) Retail Stores. One (1) parking space for each 300 sq. ft. of gross floor area.

(15) Wholesale establishments, warehouses, manufacturing establishments, and all industrial uses. One (1) parking space for each employee during regular business hours, adequate spaces for company owned vehicles, plus four (4) visitor parking spaces.

(16) Commercial Centers. One (1) parking space for each 300 sq. ft. of gross floor area. As determined by the Director, individual establishments in a Commercial Center may share parking stalls upon the establishments demonstrating such factors as different hours of establishment operation and different peak hours of patronage to the sharing establishments.

(17) All other uses not listed above. As determined by the Director, based on the nearest comparable use standards.

(Ord. 2018-13, 08-15-2018) (Ord. 2014-08, 08-06-2014) (Ord. 2011-17, 09-21-2011) (Ord. 1985-17, 11-06-1985) (Ord. 1983-05, 04-20-1983)

7-4-4. Access requirements.

For purposes of this Chapter, a drive approach shall be that portion of the ingress and egress to and from a driveway from the front of the curb to the property line. Adequate ingress and egress to and from all uses shall be provided as follows:

(1) One- and two-family residential lots. Access to one- and two-family residential lots shall be provided to meet the following requirements:

(a) Not more than two (2) drive approaches shall be allowed for any residential lot.

(b) The width of a drive approach shall not be greater than thirty (30) feet or more than one-third (1/3) of the lot frontage in which the drive approach is constructed, whichever is less. A drive approach adjacent to a Cul-de-sac or curved lot with a frontage of less than 90 feet may exceed one-third (1/3) of that frontage, as determined by written administrative policy.

(c) A lot may have a singular thirty-foot drive approach or two (2) drive approaches that total thirty (30) feet wide. A drive approach shall have a minimum width of ten (10) feet. Two (2) drive approaches on the same lot must have a minimum of twelve (12) feet between them.

(d) A drive approach shall be measured from the bottom of the flares. The flare shall not be greater than three (3) feet long.

(2) Other lots. Access to lots other than one- and two-family residential lots shall be provided to meet the following requirements:

(a) Not more than one (1) drive approach shall be used for each one hundred (100) feet or fraction thereof of frontage on any street.

(b) No two (2) of said drive approaches shall be closer to each other than twelve (12) feet, and no drive approach shall be closer to a side property line than three (3) feet.

(c) Each drive approach shall not be more than forty (40) feet wide, measured at right angles to the center line of the drive approach, except as increased by permissible curb return radii. Upon the recommendation of the City Engineer, the Planning Commission may extend a commercial drive approach to fifty (50) feet wide.

(d) Where practical, adjacent properties are to share accesses. Unless a driveway access is shared by two (2) or more properties, no drive approach shall be closer than ten (10) feet to the point of intersection of two property lines at any corner as measured along the property line, and no driveway shall extend across such extended property line.

(e) In all cases where there in an existing curb and gutter or sidewalk on the street, the applicant shall provide protection strips along the entire frontage of the property, except for the permitted drive approaches and on the street side of each such strip there shall be constructed a concrete curb, the height, location, and structural specifications of which shall be approved by the City Engineer.

(f) Driveways or drive approaches shall not be located where sharp curves, steep grades, restricted sight distances or any other feature or characteristics of the road or driveway or drive approach by itself or in combination impairs safe traffic operation. The relocation of highway signs, signals, lighting or other traffic control devices necessitated by a drive approach shall be relocated by Tooele City or its agent at the permittee’s expense.

(Ord. 2004-20, 11-03-04) (Ord. 83-05, 04-20-83)

7-4-5. Parking lots.

Every parcel of land used as a public or private parking lot shall be developed and maintained in accordance with the following requirements:

(1) Each off street parking lot shall be surfaced with a bituminous surface course, Portland cement concrete or other approved surface to provide a dustless surface. The planning commission must approve any surface that is not bituminous surface course or Portland cement concrete.

(2) The sides and rear of any off-street parking lot which face or adjoin a residential district shall be adequately screened from such district by a masonry wall or solid visual barrier fence not less than three or more than six feet in height as measured from the high side.

(3) Each parking lot shall be landscaped and permanently maintained.

(4) Lighting used to illuminate any parking lot shall be arranged to reflect the light away from adjoining premises and from street traffic.

(5) Where not otherwise authorized by this Title, when in the best interests of the community as determined by the planning commission, the commission may grant temporary or permanent conditional use permits for the use of land in residential districts for a parking lot, provided that in all cases the following conditions are met:

(a) The lot is to be used only for parking of passenger automobiles of employees, customers, or guests of the person or firm controlling and operating the lot, who shall be responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

(b) No charges shall be made for parking on the lot.

(c) The lot shall not be used for sales, repair work, or servicing of any kind, but shall be used for parking of vehicles only.

(d) Entrances to and exits from the lot shall be located so as to do the least harm to the residential district in an aesthetic context.

(e) No advertising sign shall be located on the lot.

(f) All parking is to be kept back of the setback building lines by a barrier which will prevent the use of the premises in front of the setback lines for the parking of automobiles.

(g) The parking lot and that portion of the driveway behind the building line is to be adequately screened from the street and from adjoining property in a residential district by a hedge or sightly fence or wall not less than three feet, nor more than six feet in height, which is to be located behind the building setback line. All lighting is to be arranged so there will be no glare therefrom annoying to the occupants of an adjoining property in a residential district. The surface of the parking lot is to be smoothly graded, hard-surfaced and adequately drained.

(h) There may be imposed such other conditions as may be deemed necessary by the planning commission to protect the character of the residential district.

(i) Drainage shall be disposed of upon the premises of the parking lot, as per the requirement set by the city engineer.

(j) No private or public garage or parking lot for more than five motor vehicles shall have an entrance or exit in any district within 150 feet of the entrance or exit of a public school, church, playground, or other public or semi-public institution or facility.

(Ord. 2004-20, 11-03-04) (Ord. 94-56, 01-31-95) (Ord. 84-16,10- -84) (Ord. 83-05, 04-20-83)


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