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City Attorney

Roger Baker
Tooele City Attorney

90 North Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074

Phone: 435.843.2120
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Title 6. Chapter 3. Licensing

6-3-1. Animal licensing requirements.

(1) All dogs and cats within Tooele City must be licensed each year, except as otherwise provided herein.

(2) Any person owning, possessing, or harboring any dog or cat shall obtain a license for such animal within 30 days after the dog or cat reaches the age of four months; or, in the case of a dog or cat over the age of four months, within 10 days of the acquisition of the dog or cat.

(3) License applications must be submitted annually to the Finance Department, utilizing a standard form which includes the name, address, and telephone number of the applicant; the name, breed, sex, color, and age of the animal; and full rabies immunization information. The application shall be accompanied by the prescribed license fee and by a current rabies vaccination certificate.

(4) Dog and cat license fees shall be as established by resolution of the City Council.

(5) No dog or cat will be licensed as spayed or neutered without proof that such surgery was performed.

(6) The license shall be effective from the date of purchase through the end of February of the following year, after which a late fee shall be imposed. Licenses for the following year may be purchased as early as 90 days prior to the expiration of any year’s license.

(7) No person or persons may own or harbor at any one residence within Tooele City any combination of dogs and cats that exceeds a total of 4 animals.

(Ord. 2017-07, 03-15-2017) (Ord. 2008-11, 11-05-2008) (Ord. 2003, 12-17-2003) (Ord. 1994-55, 12-08-1994) (Ord. 1994-17, 03-15-1994) (Ord. 1988-28, 09-07-1988)

6-3-2. License tag.

(1) Upon payment of the license fee, the Finance Department shall issue to the owner a certificate and a tag for each dog and cat licensed. The tag shall have stamped thereon the license number corresponding with the tag number of the certificate. The owner shall attach the tag to the collar or harness of the animal and see that the collar and the tag are constantly worn. Failure to attach the tag as provided shall be a violation of this Chapter.

(2) License tags are not transferable from one animal to another. No refunds will be made on any license fee for any reason whatsoever. Replacements for lost or destroyed tags shall be issued upon payment of $5.00 to the Finance Department.

(3) Removing or causing to be removed, the collar, harness, or tag from any licensed dog or cat without the consent of the owner or keeper thereof, except a licensed veterinarian or Division officer shall be a violation of this Chapter.

(Ord. 2017-07, 03-15-2017) (Ord. 2003-28, 12-17-2003) (Ord. 1981-14, 05-25-1981)

6-3-3. Licensing exemptions.

(1) The licensing and fee provisions of Section 6-3-1 and 6-3-2 herein shall not apply to:

(a) individual dogs and cats within a properly licensed dog kennel, cattery, or other such establishment when such dogs or cats are held for resale.

(b) community cats that belong to a community cat colony as defined by Utah Code 11-46-302, as amended.

(2) The fee provisions of Sections 6-3-1 and 6-3-2 shall not apply to:

(a) Service animals.

(b) Dogs especially trained and used to assist officers and other officials of government agencies in the performance of their official duties.

(3) Nothing in this Section shall be construed so as to exempt any dog or cat from having a current rabies vaccination.

(Ord. 2020-07, 03-04-2020) (Ord. 2017-07, 03-15-2017) (Ord. 2003-28, 12- 17-2003) (Ord. 1981-14, 05-25-1981)

6-3-4. Penalties.

Every person who violates any provision of this Chapter is guilty of an Infraction.

(Ord. 2020-33, 08-19-2020) (Ord. 2003-28, 12-17-2003)


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