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City Attorney

Roger Baker
Tooele City Attorney

90 North Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074

Phone: 435.843.2120
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Title 3. Chapter 5. Local Fire Officer

3-5-1. Purpose.

This ordinance authorizes the Tooele City fire chief, as the local fire officer for Tooele City, to prohibit open fires and the use of any ignition source when hazardous environmental conditions necessitate controlling the use thereof.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

3-5-2. Definitions.

(1) “Hazardous environmental conditions” means extreme dryness or lack of moisture, windy conditions, the presence of dry weeds and other vegetation, and any combination thereof.

(2) “Ignition source” means fireworks, lighters, matches, smoking materials, and similar means used to ignite fire either intentionally or accidentally.

(3) “Fireworks” shall have the same meaning as found in U.C.A. Chapter 53-7.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

3-5-3. Local fire officer orders.

The local fire officer is hereby authorized to issue orders prohibiting open burning, open fires, and the use of any ignition source in any area of the municipality when the local fire officer determines that hazardous environmental conditions necessitate controlling or prohibiting the use thereof.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

3-5-4. Areas affected.

The local fire officer shall determine what areas of the City are subject to prohibition and the extent of the prohibition and shall identify the same in a written order. The order may also include a map outlining the areas affected by the order.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

3-5-5. Public notice.

The local fire officer shall cause copies of the order to be

(1) posted in at least three public places within the City,

(2) posted on the official City website, and

(3) delivered to the local news media outlets.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

3-5-6. Penalty.

Any person who knowingly violates an order of the local fire officer issued pursuant to this Chapter is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

3-5-7. Enforcement.

Every officer charged with enforcement of State and local laws within Tooele City is hereby charged with the responsibility to enforce this Chapter.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

3-5-8. City Council ratification.

Every order issued under this Chapter shall be subject to ratification by the City Council at the next city council meeting.

(Ord. 2012-16, 08-15-2012)

Click Here for a .pdf copy of Title3 Chapter5

Please Note:  Every attempt has been made to keep this online Tooele City Code up-to-date; however, there may be discrepancies between this online code and that which is actually adopted.  If you have questions about the Tooele City Code or for the most recent update, please call (435) 843-2120 or email


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