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Title 2. Chapter 8. Accessibility Committee

2-8-1. Establishment of Accessibility Committee - Responsibilities.

(1) There is hereby established an Accessibility Committee.

(2) The committee shall bear the responsibility of completing on or before July 26, 1992 a “transition plan” identifying all obstacles to accessibility in City facilities and programs, and providing a detailed plan and schedule to correct the problems.

(3) The committee shall also complete by January 26, 1993 an evaluation of all city services, programs and policies to identify all barriers to accessibility.

(4) The committee shall review for disabled accessibility all plans and designs for new construction in the city, both public and private, and make recommendations and give advice to the city engineer and building inspector regarding such plans. (5) The committee shall evaluate and report on the city’s compliance with the ADA.

(Ord. 99-32, 12-01-99); (Ord. 92-07, 3-4-92)

2-8-2. Committee membership.

The Accessibility Committee shall consist of three members, two of whom shall be chosen from the citizens of Tooele City at large with reference to their fitness for such office, and the other representing the city community development department. The committee members shall serve without compensation. All members shall be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the city council. The city recorder shall notify such appointees and request from them a written acceptance of appointment. All appointees shall within 30 days of receipt of such notification file with the recorder an acceptance of appointment. Should the same not be filed within 30 days, the person shall be considered to have declined the appointment and the mayor shall designate another person for appointment. The same procedure for appointment shall thereafter be followed.

(Ord. 99-32, 12-01-99); (Ord. 92-07, 3-4-92)

2-8-3. Committee member terms of service - Election of officers - Removal - Vacancies - Duties.

Accessibility committee members shall be appointed for a two-year term. Following their appointments, the members shall meet and elect a chairman and such other officers as they deem necessary. The mayor, with consent of the city council, may remove any director for misconduct or neglect of duty. Vacancies in the board of committee members, occasioned by removals, resignations, or otherwise, shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments. The Accessibility committee shall establish their own schedule of meetings.

(Ord. 99-32, 12-01-99); (Ord. 92-07, 3-4-92)

2-8-4. Quarterly reports to city council.

The Accessibility committee shall make a quarterly report to the city council and mayor on the progress toward creating the transition plan and the selfevaluation due January 26, 1993.

(Ord. 99-32, 12-01-99); (Ord. 92-07, 3-4-92)


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Please Note:  Every attempt has been made to keep this online Tooele City Code up-to-date; however, there may be discrepancies between this online code and that which is actually adopted.  If you have questions about the Tooele City Code or for the most recent update, please call (435) 843-2120 or email

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