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City Attorney

Roger Baker
Tooele City Attorney

90 North Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074

Phone: 435.843.2120
Fax: 435.843.2129

Title 10. Chapter 2. Miscellaneous Provisions

10-2-1. Utah Code Annotated motor vehicle provisions adopted.

The following sections of the Utah Code Annotated, 1953 as amended, are hereby adopted by reference in their entirely as if fully set forth in this city code: Sections 41-1a-101 et seq.,, 41-6a-101 et seq., 41-8-1, 41-12a-101 et seq., 41-21-1 et seq., and 41-22-1 et seq., and 53-3-101 et seq., save and except sections 41-6a-1404, 41-6a-1405, 41-6a-1401, and 41-6a-1402, and such sections the violation of which constitutes class A misdemeanors other than 41-6a-503(2), 41-6a-517, 41-6a-510, 41-6a-520, 76-5-207, or felonies. Subsequent amendments by the Utah State legislature to those sections adopted hereby are also hereby expressly adopted by this reference.

(Ord. 2020-18, 05-06-2020) (Ord. 1994-48, 08-17-1994)

10-2-2. Improper lookout.

No person shall drive a vehicle on a roadway without keeping a reasonable and proper lookout for other traffic, pedestrians or impediments to safe travel.

(Ord. 88-12, 03-16-88)

10-2-3. Unlawful acceleration. (REPEALED).


(Ord 2020-18, 05-06-2020) (Ord. 1988-12, 03-16-1988)

10-2-4. Funeral processions.

(1) For purposes of this Section, “funeral procession” means an organized or formal group of two or more vehicles traveling in close formation to or from a mortuary, funeral home, or memorial service, accompanying the body or the cremated remains of a deceased person.

(2) It shall be unlawful for a funeral procession or any participant in a funeral procession to block vehicular traffic, to close or limit access to a public right-of-way, or to violate the traffic laws of the state of Utah.

(3) It shall be unlawful for any person to block vehicular traffic or to close or limit access to a public right-of-way for a funeral procession.

(4) Any violation of Subsections (2) or (3) of this Section shall be a class C misdemeanor.

(5) Notwithstanding the above, Tooele City, in its sole discretion, may block vehicular traffic and may close or limit access to public rights-of-way, using Tooele City peace officers and other peace officers under Tooele City’s control, for funeral processions involving the following:

(a) fallen police officers;

(b) fallen firefighters;

(c) fallen soldiers;

(d) elected or appointed officials who die in office;

(e) individuals who have served Tooele City with distinction, such as, former elected officials; and,

(f) other individuals in the discretion of the Mayor or, in the Mayor’s temporary absence, the Chairperson of the City Council.

(Ord. 2019-16, 06-05-2019) (Ord. 2016-22, 12-07-2016)  (Ord. 1988-12, 03-16-1988)

10-2-5. Ordinances enforceable at Tooele High School.

The Ordinances of Tooele City are declared to be enforceable upon the premises of Tooele High School.

(Ord. 88-12, 03-16-88)

10-2-6. Violations.

Violations of this chapter are Class “B” misdemeanors unless specifically indicated otherwise.

(Ord. 88-12, 03-16-88)

10-2-7. Large vehicle and vehicles with dangerous load regulations - Truck routes.

(1) It is hereby declared necessary in order to safely move traffic in, out and through the city, to regulate the movement and parking of large vehicles and vehicles with dangerous loads. The regulations in this Section apply to:

(a) all trucks licensed or actually used with a gross weight in excess of 19,000 pounds;

(b) trucks rated for one and one-half tons or larger under standard practices of the State of Utah; and

(c) all explosive, corrosive and flammable liquid carriers capable of carrying in excess of 3,000 gallons or licensed for a gross weight in excess of 9,000 pounds.

(2) Any vehicle or truck as defined in this Section shall use only those routes specified in Subsection (3) or such additional temporary routes as shall be established by the chief of police, either by written permission upon application to deviate from the truck route or by the posting of temporary road signs during the period of temporary or alternate truck routing.

(3) The following are designated truck routes:

(a) State Road 36 (Main Street);

(b) State Road 112;

(c) Tooele Boulevard (1100 West Street);

(d) Droubay Road;

(e) Pine Canyon Road;

(f) other streets as designated by express written permission of the police chief, subject to such necessary regulations as are set forth in the written permission in order to accommodate necessary deviation of truck traffic from designated truck routes.

(4) The truck routes identified in Subsection (3) shall not apply to emergency vehicles, school busses, Utah Transit Authority busses, city, county and state service vehicles, utility service vehicles, trucks making neighborhood deliveries or pick-ups or travelling to a business located in the immediate neighborhood, or to construction trucks delivering to or returning from construction sites where it is not possible to use a designated truck route.

(5)    (a) The parking of vehicles regulated by this Section on the public rights-of-way shall be regulated by Section 10-3-25.1.

(b) The parking of a vehicle regulated by this Section on a public right-of-way shall be presumptive evidence of it being operated on the right-of-way on which it is parked.

(6) The driver or owner of any vehicle regulated by this Section that is driven or parked in violation of this Section shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

(Ord. 2019-34, 12-04-2019) (Ord. 2014 -11, 08-06-2014)(Ord. 1994-51, 10-25-1994)


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Please Note: Every attempt has been made to keep this online Tooele City Code up-to-date; however, there may be discrepancies between this online code and that which is actually adopted. If you have questions about the Tooele City Code or for the most recent update, please call (435) 843-2120 or email


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