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SR-36 Renewed (10/05/15 – 10/12/15)

The following information and images are provided by UDOT.

SR-36 Renewed

Current and Upcoming Road Closures

  • The east leg of 200 North closed through 10/8 for gas line work.

Upcoming Work – 10/5/15 to 10/12/15

Resurfacing – 2000 N to Stansbury Parkway

Resurfacing work is now complete. Crews will complete striping work at night on 10/1 and 10/2. Final concrete work will take place on 10/3 and 10/4 during daytime hours.

  • Striping work will take place during the following hours:
    • Southbound traffic reduced to one lane from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    • Northbound traffic reduced to one lane from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  • Concrete work will take place in the shoulder and median area and will not impact traffic.

Railroad Bridge to 1000 North

  • Electrical crews will continue to work in the shoulders at the 1000 North intersection. Concrete placement at the intersection will be completed once this work has been completed.
  • Landscaping will be reestablished on the east and west side through October.
  • 1000 North and 1280 North Intersections: Please be aware, left turns are currently permitted from the left through lanes. Dedicated left turn lanes will be added once the final layer of asphalt has been placed later this month.

1000 North to 600 North

  • Crews are placing concrete sidewalk and driveways on the west side through mid-October.
  • Reestablishment of landscaping, on both the east and west sides, will be taking place through October.
  • Traffic restrictions for this area include:
    • Northbound and southbound traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction south of 700 North.
    • Left turns are prohibited at:
      • 700 North
      • 600 North
    • Left turns are allowed at:
      • 1000 North

600 North to 200 North

  • Curb and gutter placement, from 600 North to 200 North, will continue through 10/5.  Paving will begin on 10/6 and continue through the week. Driveway closures lasting approximately 15 minutes will be needed as the paver passes. Driveways will be reestablished once the pavement is in place.
  • Traffic restrictions for this area include:
    • Northbound and southbound traffic reduced to one lane in each direction
    • Intermittent flagging operations will be used at the 600 North, 500 North, 400 North and 200 North intersections from 10/6 to 10/10 to accommodate paving operations.
    • The east leg of 200 North will be closed through 10/8 to accommodate gas line work and preparing the intersection for paving.
    • Left turns are prohibited at:
      • 600 North
      • 500 North
      • 400 North
      • 200 North

200 North to 520 South

  • The designated safe walking route for Tooele High School crosses SR-36 at Vine Street.  Parents please instruct your children to only cross at this location.
  • Crews will be importing materials to build the new road subgrade from 200 North to 200 South over the next week. Please use caution as trucks and heavy machinery will be working in this area and entering and exiting SR-36.
  • Crews will continue sewer line work and installation of storm drain laterals south of 200 South. This work will include open trenching and the use of heavy machinery. Driveway access changes will be coordinated with property owners.
  • Traffic restrictions for this area include:
    • Northbound and southbound traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction.
    • The east leg of 200 North will be closed 10/8 for gas line work.
    • Left turns are prohibited at:
      • 200 North
      • Vine Street

520 South to 3 O’Clock Drive

  • Crews will continue to prepare the west side from 520 South to ~850 South for paving through 10/8.  Paving will take place on 10/9 and 10/10.

Active Work Zone

The work area can be a dangerous place if you are not properly trained.  Please do not enter the work area, even if crews are not working. Entering a work zone is considered trespassing and you may be prosecuted for entering and any damage you may do.  In addition, please remember it is against the law to move or tamper with any traffic control devices.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact UDOT.  They are available 24 hours a day and are happy to assist you. You can reach them by phone, text, email or Twitter (see below).

UDOT’s Contact Information:

Phone or Text: 801-859-3770
Twitter:  @UDOTRegionTwo